are you ready to

rediscover your sanity

 Adulting itself is difficult as it is. And then you add parenting to the mix …. hello EXHAUSTION! We get it, and we are here for you. We strive in every way to support our parents. Here are just the few ways we do just that:


We throw fun events for our parents to be able to get out of the house, meet other local parents, and regain some sanity. We take the planning out of your outings. All you need to do is secure a babysitter, buy tickets, and show up. Easy peasy! Check out our events here. (<— click that link!)


We have just launched our Perks Program, where parents receive special perks at different locations, check out our Membership Page to learn all about it.

sanity caddies.

Let’s talk about the circus act of taking a family of youngsters out to eat at a restaurant. Actually… let’s save us all the headache and agree that it’s just about always a gambling act, where the phone is always the saving grace as you guiltily hand it over to the kiddos. Forget the guilt and head out to our participating restaurants that offer sanity caddies for our parents. It’s basically a basket full of fun for the kiddos, allowing you a nice meal out as a family! Find our participating restaurants here. (<— ahem… click that link!)